Ideas Realized


Founded in 2002 in Shanghai, Umag initial startup business focused on all kinds of magnets themself. Today we are a corporation that manages intergrated supply chains for magnets from the raw material to customer’s application.We offer end-to-end supply chain solutions from raw material controlling, production cost controlling, production management and quality control, to in-country logistics, global freightmanagement and User experience.Our business is built upon our people, products experience,financial strength, our culture of innovation, our approach to sustainability.

Brand Story
As a leading magnet company, UMAG exists to unite the future and the present, dream and reality.We see a big future in these small magnets. Over the past decade, magnets have been widely applied in various categories, from speakers and separators to todays smart phones and electrical cars. Continued innovation in products like induction charging and intelligent robots will drive us into the future. We are excited about where we have come from and to know where we are going. To be engaged in the creation of a better tomorrow through new ideas and applications. Here at UMAG, we make ideas happen. By mastering all kinds of language and rules, we are able to effectively have conversations with different share holders in this complex industry. By being open to all possible opportunities, we can develop both comprehensive and objective points of view and customize these thoughts into the most suitable solutions for every client. Everything we do starts from user experience. We believe this is our strength and the true way to win in this industry.


As rare earth permanent magnets, NdFeB are Lanthanide alloys, and the most advanced commercial permanent magnet materials. NdFeB can be subdivided into different grades, widely used in different areas. Sintered NdFeB and bonded NdFeB are the two forms of NdFeB. Up to 10MGOe, the magnetics energy products of the bonded NdFeB is much lower than that of the sintered NdFeB.


Magnets are widely applied in many areas including industrial automation, automobile industry, electronics & electroacoustic, renewable energy and home appliances etc.


Let value sharing record the pace of enterprise development

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